Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What a mess!

I'd seen evidence of Honey's latest adventure on a friend's Facebook wall and knew we were on to a winner. Turn up, make a HUGE mess for an hour then just leave! No cleaning, no tidying and no putting away, brilliant! Honey played with (for played with, read ate) multi-coloured spaghetti, pink rice pudding, sand, flour, soil, shredded paper and paint and then had a rinse off with a crocodile, an octopus and a plastic duck. Unsurprisingly, she was exhausted by the end and practically inhaled her bottle before having a much needed nap. x
Honey wears... Floral Babygrow by Marks and Spencer.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Rhythm Kids

Honey 'graduated' from Mini Moments at the wonderful Blue Skies today, we've had so much fun learning baby yoga and Rhythm Kids with the fabulous Emma.  We now have a library of ridiculously catchy songs, coupled with super exciting moves to use at home. We will miss giggles with our little group and Honey can't wait to walze with Stan again soon! x
Honey wears... Pink denim shorts by Baby Gap.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Swing when you're slinging

Honey and I went to Sling n Swing's very first session at it's brand new venue, Whole Foods in Cheltenham.  After successfully avoiding the yummy food smells and heading to The Acorn Cook Centre, we thoroughly enjoyed a fun packed session with lots of other parents and their gorgeous bundles. We have been big fans of Sling n Swing for a while now, dancing with a partner who can't stand on your feet, what's not to love!

P.S. We were not successful in avoiding cake on the way out... Best doughnut ever! xo

Honey wears... Floral top by Monsoon.