Monday, 24 February 2014

Kiss Kiss...

We had a potter round The Wilson, Cheltenham's newly refurbished museum and art gallery, today. Honey slept through most of it but I learnt a lot about Cheltenham's past and famous Cheltonians through history. It was also great to see Rodin's 'The Kiss' after reading about the fabulous Two Front Teeth's recreation of the pose using live (brave) models! We will definitely be taking Honey there again as they run a Tots and Tales story session there on the first Wednesday of every month which sounds fun! Also, I need to take her back when she's a little bit older so I have an excuse for sitting at a tiny table and colouring in a picture of a penguin, I really wanted to do that today but felt I probably couldn't get away with it (especially given that Honey had fallen asleep by this point)!

Honey wears... Reversible jumper by Frugi

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