Monday, 28 April 2014

Daddy Daycare...

Now that I'm back at work, Honey and Daddy are getting to hang out a lot. I miss being at home but knowing that Honey is being looked after by her Daddy means I don't worry about her and thanks to my super busy job, my days usually fly, although I'd love to invent a teleportation machine to cut out my commute at the end of the day! We have started going out for a walk after Honey's tea so we all get some fresh air while spending time together and chatting out our day. We took Honey to the park near Pitville Pump Rooms this evening and she did plenty of giggling, smiling and playing.

Honey wears... Long sleeved striped vest by Jojo Maman Bebe

Friday, 11 April 2014

Jurassic (Farm) Park...

What do you get if you cross a chicken with a T-Rex? Er, All Things Wild of course! Honey and Alfie's latest adventure began with a 3D shark display, technicolor dinosaur entrails and loads of plastic flies. I must admit that at this point, I did start to wonder what on earth was going on but then a tractor room and a very entertaining soft play session saved the day! After some indoor fun, we had a wander round outside where we found lots of different animals including chickens, rabbits, meerkats and raccoon dogs (still not convinced they're a real animal). At noon, we headed to the barn for the chance to stroke a duck (cute), a chicken (soft) and a guinea pig (loud) which made Honey laugh a lot. As well as the animals, there were go-karts, a football pitch and DINOSAURS, lots of really big dinosaurs. I'm not sure why there were dinosaurs but I love dinosaurs so it was all good. While Honey was napping, the rest of us ate a yummy (and inexpensive) lunch before heading home. All Things Wild definitely gets the Honey Wears... stamp of approval for a great value, great fun and ever so slightly random day out!

Honey wears... Navy combats by Matalan

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Teacher's pet...

Honey has been helping me set up my new classroom ready for the Summer Term. She has had lots of fun crawling under tables, climbing up on chairs and learning about hundreds, tens and units (well, banging dienes together)! Once again, our ABC has been a lifesaver for getting things done while carrying/comforting Honey and one day, she even fell asleep in it for an hour and a half! I have decided to start calling it the Awesome Baby Carrier as we even used it as an impromptu chair harness on the day Honey's Granny came to help too! 

Honey wears... Blue leggings by Mini Club @ Boots

Saturday, 5 April 2014


The bogey man is real, he is a she, and she lives in my house! I thought I would take this opportunity to review a product we were asked to test a while ago but hadn't had the opportunity to use to its full extent. In association with Emma's Diary, we were chosen to test Sterimar Nasal Hygiene Spray and right now, Honey has turned into the most disgusting snot monster so it seemed like the perfect time to see what it's made of! The idea is that you spray it into the nostrils and it helps to ease congestion. After fighting to get anywhere near Honeys nostrils, spraying is easy (unlike another brand we tried which involved endless pumping to get anything out if it) and what follows is simultaneously one of the most hilarious and minging sights I've ever seen... A A A TISHOO! Snot everywhere (including all over my shiny new Jack Wills jumper, bad times) but Honey can breathe again which means she's calm and happy so everyone can get a good nights sleep!

Honey wears... Gotta Have Chucks T Shirt by Converse