Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Family Tatty...

We decided to try a Family Tatty session out today. Having attended Baby and Explorer sessions before, we had an idea of what to expect but the reality was so much more! Children from a just a few weeks to around 6 years old worked together to take Tatty on a winter adventure which saw us riding a sleigh, jumping like a frog and rescuing a bee from a pond! Clever Tatty even managed to include a few Frozen songs and help us build a snowman, much to everyone's delight and cue enthusiastic, loud (and out of tune) sing along! An older girl took Honey under her wing which was so cute to watch and the new venue (The Wheatsheafs on Old Bath Road) kindly provided a slope for everyone to run up and down at the end, so smiles all round! We found Family Tatty to be a fantastic, energetic progression from the baby classes.

Honey wears... Spotty vest from H&M

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