Friday, 26 June 2015

Even Wilder...

I've posted about All Things Wild in Honeybourne before, but really want to flag up all the great stuff they've done since our last visit. The cafe seems to have tripled in size and now boasts a completely awesome indoor beach to keep the little ones occupied while you eat, genius! There is a fantastic barefoot walk which Honey and I both enjoyed, we walked over cobbles, bark, gravel and more then rinsed our feet at the end (Honey's best bit). Also new to us, was the trim trail and hollow log which Honey and her mate Alfie had a clamber through. The dinosaur trail is now much more defined, with information plaques at each stop and ending with a real helicopter for everyone to climb inside. I was also pleased to see that the Meet Rex exhibition has been re-homed at All Things Wild, it was fab to see the exhibits again in the dino barn! Another great day had by all, we snacked in a teepee (as you do), had a pit stop at an archeological dig and of course visited all the animal friends we made last time we were there!

Honey wears... Straw hat by Tesco

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