Thursday, 10 March 2016

Nurse Honey will see you now...

One of my maternity leave missions is to make as many special memories this time, as I have from my time off with Honey. So, when the lovely Gill from Mouse About Town got in touch with a proposition, the only answer was yes please!  You might remember some beautiful photos we had taken by Gill at our Sling Beat flash mob in Brasserie Blanc in August 2014 and at the launch of The Mouse Hole back in November 2014 so we were excited to see what she had in mind for us this time.

On arrival, Honey began chatting for England as usual and couldn't wait to get dressed up for her role as Nurse Honey! She loved delving into the bag of props available but was so excited to choose the next object, that Gill had to be faster than lightening as she clicked! Unsurprisingly, Honey went on to direct her own section of the shoot, exclaiming over the varied and plentiful supply of props in Gill's 'treasure cupboard' and coming up with her own unique ways of using them (did you know it's possible to hear the sea through a horn)? 

We loved our studio experience, the warm, chilled out atmosphere made it easy to relax and Gill's quiet suggestions helped with making sure she got the best photos possible without making us feel like we were being 'posed'. We have some beautiful pictures to add to our album and to show baby brother how his big sister looked out for him even before he arrived! H
ead over to the Mouse About Town Facebook page to see the full Nurse Honey gallery, as well as lots of Gill's other fantastic work and to enter her competition to win a photo shoot at the new Pitville play area this summer!

Honey wears... Nurse outfit by Early Learning Centre

Photo credits to Gill Thomas @ Mouse About Town

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