Saturday, 28 May 2016

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play...

On Saturday 28th May, Cheltenham played host to its first ever Children's Festival. The event centred around the Town Hall which was divided into zones such as 'Exploring Technology', 'Telling Stories' and 'Playing Outside', each hosted by a different Cheltenham based trust or business. 

When we arrived, the event was already in full swing so we were able to wander through each zone either watching what was going on or, if Honey was feeling brave, joining in with the activities. Honey's favourite things were: making a Bear Hunt head dress, decorating a gingerbread man and painting with mud. She also enjoyed visiting the library bus and was excited to borrow a book (even though we have the very same stories at home already - lol). 

We had a great time exploring all the activities, which were completely free of charge, and we will be first though the doors if it happens again next year! 

Honey wears... Dinosaur leggings by Next

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