Monday, 12 September 2016

Bird is the word...

It was my sister's 27th birthday last week and where better to celebrate than at Birdland, one of her favourite childhood haunts? We got there just after the park opened and parked in the car park on Rissington Road then headed in painlessly, having bought tickets online (you save 10%) and having secured a free ticket for Honey from Explore Gloucestershire (offer valid until March 2017).

Almost as soon as you enter, you come face to face with the fabulous penguins! We spent a good half an hour here climbing up and down the steps, watching them waddle and swim and listening to the feeding time talk.

Honey had a cursory look at the other birds (stopping to stand on one leg in front of the flamingos) but was really excited to visit Jurassic Journey and led us all there as soon as she could! She was obsessed with the dinosaur sound stations and kept making us take her back there, she also enjoyed peeking at the dinosaur models through the hide slots but I think her favourite Jurassic activity was the Dino Dig where she got to use brushes to uncover dinosaur bones and fossils in the sand pit.

Another highlight for Honey was the Encounters Area where she got up close and personal with some giant tortoises (yes, she tried to ride on one), held a newborn chick and chased a flock of chickens (not really one of the activities offered but she enjoyed it all the same)!

The toilet facilities were limited but clean, the cafe menu was small but with something to suit everyone and the play area was tidy, safe and has equipment suitable for a range of ages. There were plenty of picnic tables dotted around the park so we were able to give Honey her lunch when she asked and we were also able to embarrass my sister with cake and singing (she didn't ask for that but it would have been rude not to - lol)!

Overall, a great day out and a lovely way to celebrate with family.

Honey wears... Straw hat by Tu at Sainsbury's

Pink Pear Bear

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  1. I love the sound of the dino dig, and the sound stations! My children love dinosaurs at the moment-they would've thought this was amazing! Holding a newborn chick must've been really fun too! It does sound like you had a brilliant day out, and definitely embarrassing your sister with singing and cake, had to be done!! (PS The straw hat is totally adorable!!)


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