Sunday, 19 February 2017

Over the hills and far away...

Crickley Hill Country Park is the place to go for beautiful views over Cheltenham and Gloucester. At £1 per two hours for parking, gorgeous views at every turn and a designated picnic/BBQ spot, it can be a quick walk with the dog or a full morning or afternoon's adventure. We set out following Honey, who took us on a meandering path round the hill, stopping to pick up sticks, climb trees and point out horse and cow poo. Occasionally, we followed one of the trail arrows but more often than not, she just went wherever looked the muddiest most exciting. We got up close and personal with some very hairy cows (easily avoided if you're not a cow fan) and built fireplaces in a few snake dens (the one from the Gruffalo had apparently built a few holiday homes and then slithered back off to his own forest).

Last but not least, we visited the on site cafe which is situated next The the toilets and visitor centre. The food menu looked delicious and seemed reasonably priced, but do check before you queue as they stopped serving hot food with little warning while we were there. We shared a hot chocolate and a cake which we enjoyed very much!
We didn't take part in any of the activities today, but saw a few families having fun doing the treasure hunt which you might want to look at if you have older children.

Honey wears... Ear muffs by Accessorize

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