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I thought I would share a few of the things that have made life easier or more fun since Honey came along.  Others may not like these products as much as me, i'm not telling you to buy them, these are just my opinions and this is just for fun! 

Vital Baby food pouch spoon tips

These looked like fun but to be honest, we probably wouldn't have bought them if they hadn't ended up being a freebie in the recent Boots 3for2 baby event. However, I would definitely recommend them for weaning on the go as you don't need a bowl or a separate spoon and they're also great if all Honey's bowls need washing up and I'm feeling lazy at home! They are definitely better for stage one pouches than stage 2, as the lumps in stage 2 pouches can get stuck on the way out! There are loads of other great items in the Vital Baby range, the Unbelievabowl is a personal favourite.

Doidy cup

This weaning cup is suitable from an early age but we have only started using ours in the last couple of months. The cup comes in loads of different colours including a range, yes a range, of pinks! It does look a little strange and it is a bit messy at first but Honey laps her water from it like a pro now! The next step is to get her to realise that she can hold it by herself just like her bottle!


'A washable, squashable highchair' is what it's billed as, and that's exactly what it is. The end.

Action Baby Carrier

Now this was a revelation to me! I wasn't really interested in baby wearing while pregnant (mainly due to excitement over previously mentioned pushchair) and when I tried wearing Honey in a generic baby carrier, I was left with an aching back and shoulders after about 20 minutes.

Enter Nicole at Blue Skies! I signed up for a free Sling n Swing taster session and borrowed an ABC to dance in. WOW, Honey felt safe and secure and I was able to dance (jazz hands and all) for the whole session, pain free! I was kindly lent the carrier for a few more sessions until I found one (unsurprisingly with pink flowers on) all of my own on a Facebook sling group site. My husband also loves the carrier and as Honey grows, we will be able to wear her on our backs too.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Bin

Having used a similar product when my goddaughter was a baby, I knew what a difference this could make. It's really coming into its own now that Honey is eating and her nappies smell absolutely disgusting!

Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag

This was another pre-baby object of desire, I saw a picture of it in a Mother and Baby magazine and knew it was the one!  I haven't found a fault with it yet, it has a detachable changing mat which you can clip the shoulder strap to if you just want to take a small bag out with you and the main bag is a multitude of pockets. There's a bottle bag, a dummy pouch, a little case for dirty or wet clothes and it even come with its own matching, fleecy blanket.

Quinny Buzz 3

I was on tenterhooks waiting to find out whether we were expecting a girl or a boy, one of the main reasons being the Blush Pink Quinny Buzz 3 I had fallen in love with. We knew we were limited in our pushchair choices by the tiny boot in my (bubblegum pink) Fiat 500 and I was so relieved when this one fitted! 

We bought the foldable carrycot and it was definitely money well spent as she loved being able to lie flat while we wandered, it took up hardly any room when folded and it also served as a bed for Honey for the first few weeks of her life. The Buzz came with adapters to fit our Maxi Cosi car seat which was also really useful if we'd just popped out in the car and didn't need to walk far at the other end.  Honey moved into the Quinny seat at around 4 1/2 months, mainly because she is a nosy baby and likes to see what's going on at all times! The seat and straps are well padded and Honey can face us or the world, in various positions. We also bought the cosy toes which does it's job admirably and looks super cute to boot.

We did have a issue with the shopping basket rubbing against the front wheel but Quinny dealt with this in an incredibly fast and efficient manner and the new, updated basket they sent out (free of charge) hasn't caused us any problems.

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