Tuesday, 10 December 2013

So much to do!

Honey and I had a busy day today! First we joined the other Abbeymead ladies and babies for Bounce and Rhyme at Cheltenham Children's Library, next was a pit stop at Blue Skies to refuel with cake and Bottle Green (Ginger and lemongrass today) and finally, we went for a taster session with Tatty Bumpkin at one of Cheltenham's most popular venues, Whole Foods.  Andrea led us through a fabulous jungle story involving snakes, bears and monkeys, all the while demonstrating movements for baby to try. Their motto is 'The bendy, giggly world for strong bodies and clever minds' and it was plain to see that the children who came regularly were gleefully anticipating the next movement and had improved their flexibility. Honey loved the multi sensory experiences, including stroking the bear's fur, being tickled by a parrot's feather and crackling dry leaves (aka a square of space blanket, genius)!

Honey wears... Christmas jumper by Primark

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