Tuesday, 31 October 2017

May the forest be with you...

Our latest family day out was a trip to Worcester Woods Country Park to meet some friends who live nearby. I’d seen Instagram posts from people who’d been there and many of them cited it as one of their favourite outdoor days out, which is quite an accolade given where we live and how much beautiful scenery we are surrounded by!

As we pulled into the car park, I immediately began to see why. The car park is large and there is no charge for parking. The first thing you come to is a lovely, wooden playground with an enclosed area designed for smaller children and a more open space for bigger kids (or little ones with Danger for a middle name). Honey made friends with some bigger girls and had a great time chatting and playing with them, while Ace was happy being pushed in the swing then pottering off to explore.

After a turn on the play equipment, we headed into the woods for a stroll along the trails. Almost immediately, you feel like you’re in the middle of a faraway forest and the only thing that shakes that feeling is when the path takes you to the edge of the woodland and you suddenly see a housing estate or a hospital! It’s so peaceful in there and the Autumn colours are in full force so there are plenty of leaves to stomp through and sticks to collect!

Honey loved helping to build a ‘logpile house’ we found set back from the path, as well as showing off her new reading skills whenever we came to a sign. Ace had fun balancing on logs, paddling in the stream and collecting many, many, many, many sticks.

When little legs started to get tired, attention turned to what we were going to choose from the cafe. Honey had spotted the ice cream truck as soon as we arrived, so she was sorted and the rest of us opted for hot drinks and cake from the Orchard Cafe. All reviews were positive judging by the empty cups and crumb free plates! 

Sitting outside the cafe, a quick scan of the park revealed a series of bbq’s, a crazy golf compound, a small train ride and a huge field, perfect for picnics or football. You can also download a free activity pack which has a mixture of things you can do before, during or after your trip. So whether you're meeting friends, lunching with family or just heading out on your own adventure, Worcester Woods Country Park probably has something for you.

Honey wears... Batman sweatshirt by Daphne and Margot
Ace wears... Dinosaur hoody by Blade and Rose

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