Friday, 30 December 2016

Pitter Patter Raindrops...

Those of you who know me, know that I am a huge fan of slings! This time round, we started the day we brought Ace home from the hospital and I even overcame my impatience and learnt to wrap (albeit using a stretchy wrap)! One thing I always found annoying when I used to carry Honey in a sling, was the Great British weather. Warm days were easily tackled by wearing fewer clothes but cold and even worse, wet days were a pain in the proverbial!

This came to a head on one particularly foul weathered pre school run where I discovered that my waterproof coat was no longer waterproof! I was soaked, Ace was soaked and I immediately knew what had to be done. I was already the lucky owner of an Angel Wings hoody which I wore whilst pregnant and have been wearing pretty much constantly since Ace was born too but whilst it it warm and packed full of useful features, I needed something to keep myself and Ace warm AND dry.

I researched babywearing raincoats all day and put them in and out of my online basket more times than I could count but eventually, online reviews and photos suggested that the Mamalina soft shell jacket should meet my needs. I ordered from Slings and Things and received it in double quick time, complete with free chocolate (yessss)!

Since the coat arrived, it's been thoroughly tested by our inclement weather and has passed with flying colours. It came with a pregnancy insert, as well as a babywearing insert which can be worn zipped into the front or back of the coat and has a tiny hood for baby built into it! The coat is adjustable in lots of places so it can be used with babies and toddlers of all sizes and it can also be worn without the insert if you don't have anyone to carry.

A coat like this is definitely an investment and if it's not something you are willing or able to invest in, here are some other ways I've tried to stay dry while babywearing:

- Wearing a bigger raincoat. This is easy to do if your husband/partner wears a larger size than you and he's not using his coat or has a spare. If not, you might consider buying an inexpensive waterproof a couple of sizes too big, specifically for babywearing.

- Putting your child's raincoat/poncho over their head and wrapping it around the sling or carrier.

- Use a specially designed baby carrier waterproof cover like a Bundlebean or a Tomy Freestyle.

- Purchase an insert/expander panel for your current coat. Next did one for their cagoule  last season (you might find one on Ebay) and Zip Us In make inserts which are supposedly universal (but do check, as I couldn't make it fit my old waterproof coat).

- Carry a birdcage umbrella. Not particularly useful if you need to be hands free but an effective way to keep the rain of baby and you!

Mummy and Ace wear... Mamalila soft shell jacket 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Bottle it up...

A few months ago, we told you about Miniature Music and today, it's the turn of the other class that has us going back time and time again!  We've blogged about Tatty Bumpkin on numerous occasions, it's a children's yoga class based around stories (adventures) which takes a multi sensory approach.

Ace has now graduated from Baby Bumpkin and we are currently attending Baby Bumpkin Explorers which is a lovely class that caters for babies on the move! Once a month, we attend family Tatty Bumpkin, which is for big kids, their grown ups and their younger siblings.

I digress, as today it was all about creating! I booked Honey in to the Christmas sensory bottle workshop, where she took her job very seriously and worked tirelessly to create 3 new toys for her little brother. The bottles are designed to stimulate little ones senses as they lift, shake and turn them. Honey used plenty of glitter and sparkle (as she knows that Ace is secretly a magpie), as well as some noisy rice and some bouncing water beads. The bottles are different sizes and weights to add to the fun and learning. Andrea provided all the resources we needed and was also available to help and guide the creative process. We also left her with rather a lot of tidying up and glitter removal to deal with but I don't think she minded, as everyone was having so much fun! 

Ace was really chuffed with his presents and seemed to favour the noisy rice bottle on first play. Unfortunately for him, Honey has now confiscated them as she wants to wrap them up and put them under the tree!

Honey wears... Polo neck top by Mini Club @ Boots
Ace wears... Leggings by Blade and Rose

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Honey wears...

I have been trying to launch our Instagram pre-loved selling page for a while now, but every time I upload items, lots of them sell quickly even though I haven't publicised the page or followed anyone yet! If you have a little boy younger than Ace or a little girl younger than Honey or know someone who does, keep an eye on the page over the next few weeks! 

Honey and Ace wear... Christmas jumpers from Next

It's all about you...

I was kindly gifted these books in exchange for an honest review. When Wonderbly got in touch to see if I would be interested in choo...