Friday, 7 February 2014

Every day's a school day...

After weeks of 'will they, won't they', Honey and I were lucky enough to attend the Babywearing Peer Supporter course with The School of Babywearing. After arriving early (Honey didn't mind, as she got to have a sneaky go in the soft play room), the day at Blue Skies whizzed by in a blur of slings, rings, carriers and wraps. I'd never seen so many slings and carriers in one place in all my life, some of them were so beautiful and if money were no object, I could have quite easily bought about 10! A wide range of people attended, from complete novices like me, to very experienced babywearers who were brilliant at giving helpful tips when I got confused by straps and tangled up in fabric. The course is the next step of my foray into Sling Beat teaching, visit or for the latest information.

Honey wears... Woven wrap by Kokadi in Bristol Stars

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