Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Jive Bunnies...

We were alerted to Honey's latest adventure by some good friends who attend Jive Bunnies on a regular basis.  Hearing such glowing reports about the class got us thinking so we emailed Jodie from Jive Bunnies and she was kind enough to offer us a taster session. The class was AWESOME! Each activity was designed to engage both parents (guessing and discussing songs) and children (playing instruments in time with the music and performing simple dance moves) and the half hour session flew by!  Jodie is so enthusiastic during each new game and carries everyone else on her wave of excitement and her singing, wow, I totally agreed with the little lady who stared at her in awe during the end lullaby! The venue was set up perfectly for baby groups with a large hall for dancing, a comfy seated area for snacking and chatting afterwards and even a little kitchen with tea and coffee making facitilties. Jive Bunnies definitely makes our top three! :-)

Honey wears... Sparkly shorts and tights by Mini Club @ Boots

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