Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A feast for the senses...

With mere days to go before my return to work, Honey and I managed to fit in another new adventure. Baby Sensory takes place at the amazing Blue Skies Centre, our absolute favourite Cheltenham venue. The class began with a hello song including signs, followed by some ideas for home made toys and treasure baskets (Honey liked the cotton reels on a string in the picture). We also sang a few well known classics, complete with actions and played with a multi textured snake toy along with all the other babies. I think Honey's favourite part of the class was being allowed to read, eat and scrunch up a magazine without having it taken off her! Now the difficult task of choosing how to spend my one week day off each week begins, let the adventures continue!

Honey wears... Red sweatshirt by Benetton 

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