Monday, 17 March 2014

And the trumpets* they go...

As my maternity leave draws to a close, I  have started to reflect on all of our adventures and think about what's left on our list of things to try. I heard about Lilliput Concerts a few months ago and have been looking for a opportunity to go along to one. No time like the present I decided, and off we went. The audience were treated to a wonderful recital by husband and wife team Pianist Matthew and French Horn player Laura Morris. The programme included a wide range of music from Mozart and Saint Seans to the Pink Panther theme tune and provided opportunities to chill out, as well as more upbeat tunes so we could dance like no one was watching! The venue (St Andrews Church, opposite Circus Bar in Montpellier) was large with plenty of seats but I would advise taking your baby in a sling or carrier if you have one as once your buggy was in, it was incredibly difficult to get it out again. After the concert, coffee and cake were available to purchase in the cafe area.

*No trumpets were present at this recital!

Honey wears... Hot pink top with sparkly stitching by F&F at Tesco

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  1. Thanks for coming Honey & Steph! Glad you enjoyed the music. Good point about coming buggy-free if poss. There's plenty of buggy parking but if you're an early arrival, you could well get blocked in. Keep following us on Facebook and who knows, perhaps you can take a Monday morning off sometime and come & see us again..?


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