Sunday, 30 March 2014

I've had the time of my life...

I have put together some ideas if you're stuck for something to do on any given day, this IS NOT me saying you should fill every second of every day with expensive activities, merely bringing together some information for anyone who is interested. Click on each activity to visit the relevant websites for the latest dates, times and prices.

I found a mix and match approach worked best for me. I went to one paid for class per week for myself (Sling Beat) and sometimes another for Honey, depending on finances (e.g. A course of baby yoga). Don't forget that while it's lovely to do lots of things with your baby, it's ok to chill out together too, Honey and I watched Flipper the other day and she was captivated the underwater scenes, she's also really into the free books given to her when she had her 9 1/2 month check so we read those a fair few times per day! Watching the washing machine go round and round is also a guaranteed source of fun!

Baby Yoga, 10am, Mini Moments, Up Hatherley.
Mess Around, 10:30am, Charlton Kings Youth and Community Centre, Charlton Kings.

Sling Beat, 10:00am, Whole Foods Market, Cheltenham.
Tatty Bumpkin, 2pm, Whole Foods Market, Cheltenham.

Baby Sensory, 10am, Blue Skies, Cheltenham.
GymBabes, 1:30pm, St Margaret's Hall, Hatherley.
Further afield...
Jive Bunnies, 9:45am, Glyme Hall, Chipping Norton.

Tiddlywinks parent and toddler group, 10:15am, St Paul's Church, Cheltenham.
Tatty Bumpkin, 2pm, Whole Foods Market, Cheltenham.

Monkey Music,11am, The Play Farm, Cheltenham.
Music with Mummy,11am, Fairview, Cheltenham.
Babel Babies, 12:10pm, Blue Skies, Cheltenham.

Lilliput Concerts, St Andrews Church (opposite Circus Bar in Montpellier). Cheltenham/Gloucester sling meet.

On a budget...

Just Dance on Wii while wearing your baby in a sling or carrier. If one of you has a large room, why not invite a couple of friends round to join you for a giggle and a dance! If none of you have a Wii, you can find the videos on YouTube.

Bounce and Rhyme,10am, Children's Library. Enjoy some FREE singing with your baby then why not get them their own library card. It's easy to get chatting to other parents while you're there or if you're a bit shy, why not invite a friend or relative to go along with you.

Walk/Jog/Bike ride in the park. If it's a nice day, take some bread to feed the ducks with or a picnic and stay out for lunch. If your baby has a trike or balance bike, you could take them out on that.

Bounce and Rhyme,10am, Children's LibraryEnjoy some FREE singing with your baby and if they have their own library card, why not borrow some stories to share at home (or stay and share them at the library, the staff are lovely and very welcoming). It's worth signing your baby up for their own card as the fines are much lower for overdue children's books on a child's card!

Window shopping in town or actual shopping if you need a few bits! Mothercare is a great pit stop if you need to feed or change your little one but there are also baby feeding/changing rooms in Cavendish House, M&S, Boots and Debenhams as well as those in both shopping arcades and The Brewery. Honey loves sitting in the trolley seats when we go to the supermarket and playing with the shopping keeps her occupied!

Whether it's your husband, partner or baby's aunts, uncles and grandparents, weekends during maternity leave are perfect for spending time with members of your family who might be at work, therefore unable to visit during the week. 

So this is it, maternity leave over and out. This has been the very best year of my life, everything is so much more fun when you have a little person to share it with and I can't wait to keep making memories with my little team.

Honey wears... Denim shorts by Mini Club @ Boots.

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  1. Thanks for giving Lilliput Concerts another mention. Hope you'll be able to pop back and see us again sometime! :-)


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