Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sling Meet

After being given a gift voucher for a sling website by an incredibly thoughtful friend, I felt the time may have come to consider purchasing my very first woven wrap. I have been a loyal Action Baby Carrier fan since Honey was a few months old but since doing my Peer Supporter course in February, wraps have been on my mind. There are so many gorgeous patterns to choose from (lots of them in pink) but sizing is still somewhat of a mystery to me... Enter Cheltenham Sling Meet! We popped along to Blue Skies (yippee) this morning and watched a demo then had a go with a couple of different sizes of wrap. Things seem a lot clearer now thanks to the lovely Sam and Ruth, who let me try their slings and I have a much clearer idea of what i'm saving up for! Honey looked and felt very secure in both wraps but was glad to get down and play with the other children and all the fabulous toys!

Honey wears... Mummy's Little Star T-Shirt by Mothercare

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