Thursday, 27 March 2014


St Paul's Church is practically on our doorstep but not being a churchgoer, I'd only ever been there to attend a local parking consultation so was unsure when I heard people mention Tiddlywinks playgroup. I'm so glad I listened to a lovely lady I met at Blue Skies as for only £1 per family you can stay and play at Tiddlywinks for an hour and a half (FYI that also includes a snack and drink for the children and grown ups)! There's loads of space for the small people to play and roam about as well as chairs and tables for grown ups and snack time. The range of toys is fabulous, Honey crawled from train sets and cars to soft play and stickle bricks and back several times, also stopping to have a go on the slide, rockers and baby walkers. It's a great place to meet up with friends, make new friends or spend time together as a family. 

Honey wears... Fleece hoody by F&F @ Tesco

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