Thursday, 20 March 2014

The next train to arrive...

Honey went on her first train journey today. We travelled from Cheltenham to Birmingham for a long overdue catchup with one of my university friends, Hannah. The day started with a gentle stroll down the Honeybourne line which we hopped onto near our house and followed all the way to the station. Once at the station, I popped Honey into the ABC while we queued up so that I had my hands free to buy the tickets and find the platform we needed. On the train, there was a special carriage for bikes and wheelchairs so we sat in there as there was space for Honey's folded up buggy. Honey enjoyed the novelty of being allowed to squeeze her lunch straight from the pouch as we shopped and fell asleep just in time for me to meet Hannah for lunch. After a lovely afternoon, the journey home was not quite as straightforward! Negotiating the newly refurbished New Street station is not for the feint hearted, it felt more like an airport at times with all it's corridors and lifts but we got there eventually and made it back to the train. Had I not been trying on clothes all day, meaning I'd have had to take a Honey in and out of the carrier about a million times, I would definitely have left the buggy at home as finding a spot for it on the busy train home was trickier and finding a seat to keep it in view was also 'fun'. I reckon train stations should hire out buggies you can return at the end of the day!

Honey wears... White top with frilly shoulders by H&M

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