Monday, 28 July 2014

Happy campers...

We have just come back from Honey's first camping trip and believe it or not, my first holiday with my best friend! We all stayed at Woodlands Grove near Dartmouth in South Devon, which we loved! The facilities were excellent, well maintained and (most importantly) clean and the fact that we could spend as much time as we liked in the adjoining theme park was amazing! Honey was really good overall but the heat (and total abandonment of any kind of routine) definitely got to her as she was a lot more whingey than normal. That said, she still managed to have loads of fun playing with Freddie, swimming in the sea, sliding down giant slides and eating three picnics a day! 

Tips if you're thinking if visiting this neck of the woods:

1) Blackpools Sands is a beautiful beach but there is no sand (only foot crippling pebbles) and definitely make a day of it to justify the £7 parking charge! Also, take drinks as a can of coke will set you back £1.50.

2) The Rock Fish fish and chip shop in Dartmouth is well worth a visit but get there early and take snacks/books/sewing projects for the queue.

3) Always know where the car keys are hidden in case you need to take the baby off in the car to muffle a random midnight strop!

Honey wears... Polka dot sun suit by Mini Club @ Boots

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Festival fun...

I love living in Cheltenham! We are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing activities and the fact that so many of them are free is amazing! Today, Honey and I had fun visiting the Global Dance Festival in The Brewery where we watched an incredibly energetic Zumba demonstration followed by some lively samba drumming. Then we hopped into the car and headed out to Whole Foods who were running their fabulous product swap again today. All you have to do is take a bottle of one of your usual toiletries (it doesn't have to be full) and they will swap it for one of their gorgeous, skin friendly items instead. Honey and I swapped a product each and were also given lots of lovely samples to try. The final stop on our fun, free tour of Cheltenham was Pitville Pump Rooms who were hosting an event as part of the Cheltenham Music Festival. Honey wasn't too impressed by the bagpipers who were playing as we arrived but as soon as they were joined by some Scottish dancers, she was wiggling and clapping in her usual style. 

Honey wears... Summer dress and matching knickers by Next

Friday, 11 July 2014

If the shoe fits...

Today was Honey's long awaited first trip to have her feet measured! Diaries had to be co-ordinated as Granny wanted to uphold the family tradition of buying the first pair of 'proper shoes' and who were we to disagree? Those of you who know Honey will understand that shoes are a BIG deal to this girl, usually those belonging to other people but her own shoes also get a fair amount of attention and are probably only beaten by 'keys' as a favourite plaything! Full of anticipation (me) and dressed to the nines (Honey) we headed to Clarks. Honey was in heaven and ran between rails and shelves of shoes picking out the ones she liked (i.e. all of them). We were served by a lovely lady who measured Honey's feet then helped her try a few pairs. The ones I really wanted didn't start until then next size up but the 'Little Bunny' ones (obviously re-christened Honey Bunny) we chose in the end couldn't be more perfect as Honey's first shoes. Granny even treated her to a bonus pair of party shoes! The Clarks 'My First Shoes' experience included a free photo of Honey wearing her new shoes as well as a special box, a chart to keep track of her size at different stages and entry into a completion to win £300 worth of shoes (fingers crossed)!

Honey wears... Little Bunny shoes by Clarks

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Viva la Fiesta...

I can't believe I got sunburnt again! It was pouring first thing this morning so wellies, waterproofs and rain covers accompanied us as we set off for the Montpellier Midsummer Fiesta. Less than halfway there, things stated looking up and by the time we arrived, the sun was cracking the flags! This is an annual, free event held in Montpellier Gardens which plays host to craft stalls, dance displays and children's activities as well as an array of food stands and a music stage. On top of the free entry, Honey and her mate Alfie also scored some free balloons and the gigantic ice creams from The Garden Cafe were also incredibly purse friendly! Honey and Alfie had a great time in the play area and roaming about on the grass and the adults had fun by default because babies are awesome! The end.

Honey wears... I love dancing and singing top by Marks and Spencer

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