Friday, 11 July 2014

If the shoe fits...

Today was Honey's long awaited first trip to have her feet measured! Diaries had to be co-ordinated as Granny wanted to uphold the family tradition of buying the first pair of 'proper shoes' and who were we to disagree? Those of you who know Honey will understand that shoes are a BIG deal to this girl, usually those belonging to other people but her own shoes also get a fair amount of attention and are probably only beaten by 'keys' as a favourite plaything! Full of anticipation (me) and dressed to the nines (Honey) we headed to Clarks. Honey was in heaven and ran between rails and shelves of shoes picking out the ones she liked (i.e. all of them). We were served by a lovely lady who measured Honey's feet then helped her try a few pairs. The ones I really wanted didn't start until then next size up but the 'Little Bunny' ones (obviously re-christened Honey Bunny) we chose in the end couldn't be more perfect as Honey's first shoes. Granny even treated her to a bonus pair of party shoes! The Clarks 'My First Shoes' experience included a free photo of Honey wearing her new shoes as well as a special box, a chart to keep track of her size at different stages and entry into a completion to win £300 worth of shoes (fingers crossed)!

Honey wears... Little Bunny shoes by Clarks

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