Friday, 3 October 2014

Just like Mummy...

After seeing photos of Honey wearing her doll in a scarf, Emily-Rose (of Sling Beat fame) knew she'd found the right baby to try out the latest SB merchandise! The Sling Beat branded mei tai carriers are made by a local Mum who has become a Sling Beat regular. The sewing is super neat, the fabrics are high quality and the embroidery has been done to an excellent standard. I found the straps quite long and had to wind them round Honey quite a few times but I guess that just means it will last and last as she grows up! As you can see, Honey started dancing as soon as she and her baby were secure and ensured she had regular stops for kisses and cuddles with her tiny partner. Honey put the carrier through some rigorous testing and I am pleased to say that it passed every test, even the little known 'climbing up a slide' sling safety test!

Honey wears... Dungarees by Adams

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  1. Carols Cavaliers - Caroline24 November 2014 at 14:39

    So happy to see the carrier being used by a Tiny Person to dance with their even tinier tot!!


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