Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Everything is awesome...

We needed to confirm our restaurant booking for tonight so took a walk to The Brewery. This 5-10 minute journey took us 35 minutes today and here's why...

How to go for a walk by Honey:

1/ Take hat off and put it on again at least 3 times outside the front door. Insist on wearing gloves which are much too big then laugh at your own hands a lot.

2/ Stop to sit on walls, climb steps and touch doors. Point and giggle at dogs, cars and railings (which are the funniest of all metal objects).

3/ Wander off 'by yourself' then, when legs are tired, return to Mummy, point at her bag and dance.

4/ Grab Mummy's bag and pull sling out because she has no idea what you want!

Honey wears... Hello Kitty leg warmers by eBay

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