Thursday, 8 January 2015

Can't cook, won't cook...

The rain made a fabulous case for us staying in this morning and what better activity to choose than baking scrumptious chocolate brownies! If you're like me, not a fan of cooking, then you may need a bit of help and one of Honey's Christmas presents provided the perfect aid. Honey was given a gorgeous jar of ingredients (complete with instructional tag) by my friend Kate, all we needed to do was melt some butter, whisk some eggs and combine the lot! This was the perfect way to bake with a 19 month old, the lack of time consuming weighing and measuring meant she was engaged all the way through and loved whisking, pouring and mixing by herself. I think we will bake again soon but I will be preparing all the ingredients beforehand for a while as I don't think her attention span would cope with scales yet.

Honey wears... Apron by Little Miss @ Tesco

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