Friday, 6 February 2015

Baby Gym...

Honey was sitting on the naughty step this morning (after putting a stool on the sofa, sitting on it and then face planting on to the rug even though she'd just been told off for doing the same thing) and I could tell that what she needed to do was tear around in a wide open space. Unfortunately, the weather stops us from spending lots of time in the park at the moment and our visits of late have been limited to a quick go on the slide, chucking some bread at the ducks and then heading home to warm up. We live close to Leisure @ in Cheltenham and by chance, they have Baby Gym on a Friday morning  so we decided to burn off some energy there. The session runs from 10:30am -11:5am and takes over half of the sports hall. We walked in, took off our shoes and didn't stop for the full 45 minutes, just what the doctor ordered! The coaches on duty were friendly, helpful and had a lovely way with the children and the equipment had been set up with a lot of thought behind its layout. There was something for everyone, with the smallest babies enjoying some tummy time on rollers and squishy mats and the older ones racing round an obstacle course and climbing up to slide down a fantastic, bouncy slide (Honey's favourite and she had approximately 3941 turns).

Honey wears... Denim dungarees by Adams

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