Wednesday, 18 February 2015

@ Bristol...

We met up with my best friend and her little boy for a rather intellectual play date today. It took us about an hour and a quarter to drive from Cheltenham to Bristol, where we parked in the Millennium Square car park, the closest car park to @Bristol. A word of warning here, this car park is EXPENSIVE. Next time, we are definitely going to use the park and ride service to save ourselves some money and avoid battling with the city centre traffic! Once inside, my friend and I began to wonder whether we should bother with the museum as both children (Honey, nearly 2 and Freddie, 5) were enjoying the play corner in the cafe rather a lot! But in we went and I'm so glad we did. The exhibits are all interactive and while Honey flitted between things, blindly pressing buttons and pulling levers, Freddie was able to find things which interested him and engage with those, regularly stopping to include Honey and tell her all about the things he'd found! Honey was able to play independently in the building zone and enjoyed experimenting with the ball blower. Lunch was delicious in the main cafe, although it took what felt like forever to arrive as they were incredibly busy. We'd definitely go again and would probably combine it with a shopping trip or a visit to the aquarium as its so close to the city centre.

Honey wears... Leg warmers by Huggalugs

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