Monday, 25 May 2015

Just keep swimming...

When Honey was little, we took her swimming every week but since then colds, classes and a multitude of other things have taken over our time and her swimming career has been sporadic! Since we came back from our camping holiday in Woolacombe (where we took her swimming every day), I've been determined to get her back into the water regularly, so this morning off we went. After 17 years working in the leisure industry and swimming for free, I must admit that I did feel a bit gutted to be handing over my money for an activity that may only last 10 minutes but I've always said I wanted my children to be as happy in the water as me, so needs must! Anyway, I needn't have worried as, after an initial wobble, Honey absolutely loved her first Leisure @ experience! We went to the parent and toddler session so the teaching pool was full of floats, woggles and watering cans and there was an air of excitement filling the pool hall as the little ones splashed, jumped and kicked. Honey made lots of new friends as she loudly told anyone who looked our way 'I swimming' and I swear she enjoyed having a shower 'in the rain' afterwards as much as being in the pool. The Changing Village is set up for families so there are large cubicles with baby changing stations inside, as well as spacious showers with hooks to keep towels off the floor. On the way home, Honey said to me 'fank you luffy time swimming pool' which I think means that she wouldn't be against going again very soon! 

Honey wears... Wetsuit by Jojo Maman Bebe

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