Sunday, 26 July 2015

Alfie Outdoors

When the opportunity to review a book entitled Alfie Outdoors came up, it was just meant to be! Honey spends a lot of time on various phones (remote controls, calculators etc) speaking to her friend Alfie so I knew she'd love this book! 

Written and illustrated by the award winning Shirley Hughes, Alfie Outdoors is the latest book in a series all about Alfie's adventures with his family. Honey suggested we have our first read of the book outside in the garden and settled on the slide (as you do) to listen. Honey called it her 'special book' and I agree as the gorgeous, glossy hardback cover was such a treat and made it even more of an honour to read.

The illustrations are fantastic and so different from the (also lovely) cartoon style drawings in most of Honey's books. Honey was fully engaged in the story and added her own opinions by pointing at the pictures and saying "look Mummy naughty goat" when Gertrude was eating the washing and "that's a nice baby" when Annie Rose was introduced!

I can't help but agree with this quote from The Bookseller "A really gorgeous celebration of what children love about the outside world: getting muddy, making dens, playing and growing." Children can relate to Alfie because he's just like them. He has fun, helps out and most importantly, gets dirty! My only complaint is that Honey was so inspired by the story that she now wants to grow carrots like Alfie. I don't do gardening so that sounds like a job for Daddy!

*Although we were given a copy of this book in order to be able to write a review, all opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

Honey wears... Owl top by Toby Tiger @ Little Green Munchkins

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