Sunday, 6 September 2015

Flying high...

Honey went on an aeroplane for the first time this week. In the build up to this exciting event, we played with aeroplane toys, read stories where the characters go on planes and of course, got Honey her first passport!

Amsterdam was the destination and we were grateful that Honey's first flight would be a short one! It turns out that we needn't have worried, as she loved it! We pointed out 'tiny' houses down below, counted clouds and of course enjoyed some in flight snacks and drinks. We flew with KLM who gave Honey a little pack of crayons and a special cover for her passport which she was very proud of!

One of the best bits of the journey was when the customs official took a shine to Honey and let her stamp her own passport, although we nearly didn't get back into the UK as when another official asked Honey if I was her Mummy, she said "no!"

Honey wears... Trainers by Nike
Grandad carries... Pink Princess Trunki

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