Saturday, 5 September 2015

Happily ever after...

Honey has discovered 'stickering'. It all started when we were invited to my cousin's wedding and Honey decided to use some of her birthday money to buy an Usborne sticker dolly book all about weddings. What followed was literally, hours of fun!

Honey loved dressing up all the dolls then peeling off all the stickers (thank goodness for reusable stickers) and starting again! As a result of the book, she also developed an obsession with fascinators and to this day, if you ask her what she liked best about the wedding, her answer is "Aunty Bruna's fascinator!"

I can highly recommend stickers for keeping a toddler occupied and engaged for long periods of time, at one point everyone thought Honey had gone home as they hadn't seen her for so long but she's just been happily stickering under the table for ages!

Honey wears.. Bubble dress by F&F @ Tesco

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