Friday, 30 October 2015

Messy Moo...

We haven't been to messy play for over a year so when I spotted that Messy Moo were running a session at Springbank Community Centre over half term, we had to get involved! Honey was reserved at first and moved from tray to tray, sampling (eating) the treats held in each one, then once I realised she was worried about getting her trousers dirty (I've no idea why, as mine were filthy by then), I took them off her and she was away! She loved sitting in the jelly and thought the flour 'snow' was hilarious, she continued to treat the session like an all you can eat buffet but also used her hands and feet to explore the textures and temperatures on offer.

The staff were really friendly and helpful  and made sure the room was nice and warm for our half naked little mess makers and the facilities at the Community Centre seemed varied and well kept.

By the end, we were both covered in mess so I brushed the worst off Honey and stuck her coat on so we could make a quick exit and head home for a bath! Honey excitedly recounted everything she'd eaten and played with, to anyone who would listen for the rest of the day and was well and truly ready for a nap afterwards!

Honey wears... Frozen vest by George @ Asda

Thursday, 15 October 2015


We were over the moon to win Slugs and Snails' Autumn giveaway and Honey couldn't wait to wear all the gorgeous tights we were sent! Billed as 'luxury for little legs', our package certainly didn't disappoint. Honey loved choosing which tights to wear and I had loads of fun creating outfits to match. We were even sent a pair of Mummy tights so I could join in the fun too!

Honey wears... Tights by Slugs and Snails

Packed lunch...

When Honey first started with the childminder, Nom Nom pouches were lifesavers, we'd used them during weening to to feed her purées while on the go but being able to give her Ready brek or weetabix to eat in the car was fantastic and made getting to work on time really easy! Now she's a breakfast cereal pro, we rarely use them in the morning but their new purpose is equally as invaluable, packed lunches! 

Deciding what to pack can be tricky, what will they be doing? Where will they be at lunch time? What can they eat independently if the childminder has smaller mouths to feed? Nom Noms can help with all of that, once the lid is off, (and it will only be a matter of time before she can do that by herself too) she can drain a smoothie or yoghurt like a pro with no annoying leftovers to scrape off the sides! 

The latest pouches we were asked to test claimed to be new and improved which I was sceptical about because they were already amazing, but it's true! The new double seal makes them so much easier to close! I didn't even notice this until I accidentally grabbed one of the older style pouches from the cupboard and had to press a bit harder to close the seal. We really love these pouches, Honey appreciates the fun design while Mummy and Daddy love how easy they are to fill up and wash up (they even go in the dishwasher - yesssss!)

*Although we were given products for the purpose of this review, the opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

Honey wears... Red top by Mothercare

Friday, 9 October 2015


I've been on the lookout for a ballet style class for Honey for a long time as she's always twirling around the place but have always been put off by having to pay a whole terms fees upfront and by having to buy her a 'uniform' when she's growing out of things left, right and centre! I remembered a Mummy friend telling me about a class she used to take her toddler to at The Exmouth Arms on Bath Road and decided to look into it.

Toddle offers a range of opportunities for different age groups and is a fun, relaxed class where you can pay as you go. While some children were dressed in tutus and ballet shoes, most weren't and there didn't seem to be any expectation to buy them.

Beth was calm and organised throughout the whole class and wasn't phased by anything the toddlers said or did (Honey introduced herself by waving her potty and telling Beth that's where she does he wees and poos...) The class consisted of a wide range of exercises, songs and games, all with a ballet theme and all engaging for the toddlers.

Honey wears... Heart tights by Debenhams

What a waste...

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