Friday, 9 October 2015


I've been on the lookout for a ballet style class for Honey for a long time as she's always twirling around the place but have always been put off by having to pay a whole terms fees upfront and by having to buy her a 'uniform' when she's growing out of things left, right and centre! I remembered a Mummy friend telling me about a class she used to take her toddler to at The Exmouth Arms on Bath Road and decided to look into it.

Toddle offers a range of opportunities for different age groups and is a fun, relaxed class where you can pay as you go. While some children were dressed in tutus and ballet shoes, most weren't and there didn't seem to be any expectation to buy them.

Beth was calm and organised throughout the whole class and wasn't phased by anything the toddlers said or did (Honey introduced herself by waving her potty and telling Beth that's where she does he wees and poos...) The class consisted of a wide range of exercises, songs and games, all with a ballet theme and all engaging for the toddlers.

Honey wears... Heart tights by Debenhams

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