Thursday, 25 February 2016

Snap happy...

One of the things I really wanted to get from this pregnancy (besides the obvious) was lots of photos of the bump, so a pregnancy photo shoot seemed like the perfect idea. We met Sheryl who owns Oobaloos Photography a couple of years ago at an NCT sale, where she managed to get some cracking shots of a VERY wriggly, curious Honey for our family Christmas cards. Since then, she has been featured on numerous photography sites, blogs and in magazines so we felt very lucky that she was able to fit us in for one of her Oobamama packages which includes a bump shoot and a newborn shoot. 

The bump shoot was such a fun experience, we chose to have ours in Pitville Park as it's somewhere we often spend time together and somewhere with a range of different backdrops to show baby brother how he fitted into our adventures before he was even born! We all felt totally at ease as we splashed in the stream, climbed up the stones and  piled on the swing together, with Sheryl snapping away unobtrusively all the while. The hour flew by with only a few Honey strops (freezing feet caused by leaky wellies, tears caused by disobedient bubbles and grumpiness caused by sudden desire for snacks despite an enormous breakfast) and we walked home chattering excitedly about which photos we were most looking forward to seeing (all of them).

Hardly any time later (seriously, this lady is as excited as you are about your photos), we had a link to a private gallery where we could view our photos for up to a week and make short lists to help us decide which photos to purchase. That was the hard bit, but with a range of packages and deals to choose from, we soon had our chosen photos safely downloaded and ready to print and frame! Here are a couple of my absolute favourites, I think they capture how much fun we have when we're out and about and I love the lighting! If you'd like to see more, have a look at the Family Portraiture gallery over at Oobaloos website or better still, if you know us, pop round and view them in situ!

Honey wears... Dinosaur wellies by Tu @ Sainsbury's 

Photo credits to Sheryl Fish @ Oobaloos photography

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