Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Is it a bird...

Today we visited Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust with Honey's Grandparents. I'm not really one for wandering around looking at things and reading information signs (unless there are dinosaurs, then i'm totally on board), but I have to admit it takes on a new meaning when a toddler's involved. 

We started by purchasing the all important feed, then headed out to meet the birds. Honey's only hopes for the day (to see a pigeon and a seagull) were realised within the first five minutes of arrival and to be honest, even though she got up close and personal with all manner of different winged wonders, the sight of her two favourites still excited her every time! Honey adored exploring all the different paths and walkways and loved the hides (for the steps to climb up, not for the bird watching opportunities). A few weeks ago, Honey fed a deer and some lambs on a visit to All Things Wild and today she once again impressed me with her bravery around animals as she fed geese and attempted to feed swans that were bigger than her!

Honey's favourite area was 'Welly Boot Land' which features a meandering stream for paddling, as well as play equipment such as bridges, slides and roundabouts. At lunch time, Honey was delighted to be able to choose her own lunch in the lovely (and reasonably priced) cafe and happily filled a bucket with tasty treats to munch on while she mulled over her day so far.

After lunch, we visited the flamingos and ticked a few more species off the list on our map. True to form, Honey chased multiple pigeons shouting "stop please, I want to stroke you" so next weekend, we are heading into town to stand outside New Look.
Honey wears... Coat by Hatley

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