Saturday, 4 June 2016

Go Gadget Go...

Back when Honey was small, I created the Mummy Likes... page to round up my favourite baby buys. They're all still great products but here are some of my top buys/tips that may be appreciated by second time parents:

Sterimar saline spray: It's so much more reliable and doesn't have to be repeatedly pumped like the Calpol version, just be sure to buy the version suitable for newborns. Ace had his first cold at just 2 weeks old so knowing about this was invaluable.

White noise: Whether you use hairdryer/vacuum cleaner, an app (we love Sleep Bug) or a toy like Ewan the Dream Sheep, white noise has a magical, calming effect on babies and usually sends ours off to sleep in seconds.

Bedside crib: As we only have two bedrooms, it's not realistic for Ace to move into another room at 8 weeks like Honey did so for everyone's comfort and safety, we purchased a Chico Next 2 Me crib. It attaches to the side of our bed, providing easy access for feeding, cuddling and nappy changing but can also be zipped up to create a stand alone crib if required. It folds up into a travel bag if you want baby to sleep in a familiar environment when you're away and the ends also move up and down which is great if baby is congested.

Poddle pod: We bought this when Ace had his cold as I'd heard it was designed to make babies feel like they are still being cuddled. Ace napped happily in it right from the start and it helps to have a portable bed downstairs during the day. We have also bought the next size up, which Honey has comandeered for now!

Pyjamas: At 9 months, someone gave us a pair of pyjamas for Honey and I discovered that they were so much easier to deal with during the night! No poppers to fasten wrongly and baby's top half stays warm while you change the bottoms.

Giant muslins: How did I ever manage without these? I use them as blankets, swaddles, to wipe up sick, I even used one to dry Honey off after an impromptu dance in some fountains!

Slings and baby carriers: We have a range of slings which have been invaluable since day 1 this time, in fact I can count the number of times Ace has been in the buggy on one hand! Have a read of our Sling Meet and Vija posts if you want to know more about baby wearing.

Rucksack changing bag: For total hands free slinging. These are usually larger than your average changing bag and leave you able to hold hands with number 1 and carry shopping. 

Buggy Board: If I'm heading into town to try on clothes then baby wearing isn't always the most practical option so having a buggy board helps to keep Honey where I can see her when we're near busy roads and I haven't got a hand free to hold hers!

Activities: Look out for courses and classes suitable for toddlers and newborns, they often offer a price per family rather than per child which helps to make things more affordable. We also started taking Honey to the library a few months before Ace was born so she could get used to the layout ready for when we start taking Ace to Bounce and Rhyme. The idea is that she can occupy herself reading and colouring if she doesn't want to join in with the singing.

Special things: Remember to get some special things for number 2 as well.  I had a dribble bib made to match a gorgeous sling that my colleagues bought us and amongst all his secondhand clothing and equipment, we have also treated him to some new bits and bobs like the fabulous Mama Designs cellular blanket (which I am totally in love with).

There's an ever growing list of baby gadgets and gizmos I can't wait to try with Ace, including the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (for when we switch to formula in a few months) and Baby nails (to avoid injuring his tiny fingers again, yes again, I've already done it twice) so watch this space for more updates to the list!

Honey wears... Denim shirt dress by Next
Ace wears... Jeans by Mini Club @ Boots

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