Saturday, 4 June 2016

Please mind the gap...

This post is about the age gap between my two children and why I'm totally in love with it. I'm definitely not saying that people who choose a larger or smaller age gap are wrong, I have no experience of either so can't comment. 

There are two years and 10 month between Honey and Ace and it feels like the most perfect thing ever. Honey is super helpful with things like nappy changing (getting nappies, wipes etc, not actually wiping up poo... Yet). She asks questions about her baby brother and takes in our answers ready to share with anyone who will listen. Lately, she has become a 'baby whisperer' and interprets Ace's different cries then suggests milk/nappy/sleep accordingly, it's the cutest thing! 

There are lots of things that we saved to use again with our second child, Ace has a pink bouncerBumbo and changing mat (not that he's bothered) and he has also re-worn some of the more gender neutral sleep suits and vests bought for Honey when she was small. We put Honey's baby books and toys away well in advance of Ace's birth so that she had time to forget about them and she wouldn't feel like her baby brother was suddenly taking all her stuff away from her!

Honey taught us a lot about being parents, about how to best care for somebody who can't communicate yet and how to help them make their needs known. We used some basic baby sign language (learnt at Sing and Sign class) when Honey was really small and in my opinion, this helped to build her vocabulary and encouraged her to speak at an early age. We also worked hard teaching Honey how to dress and undress herself, put her own shoes and coat on, get herself into her car seat and tidy up after herself so now we have a very independent little girl which helps us out massively when Ace needs our sole attention for feeding, changing or putting in the car. 

Babies are brilliant whenever they come along and every family has their own adventure waiting for them. I'm loving ours and can't wait to share more of our experiences with you all!

Honey wears... Stripy top from H&M
Ace wears... Stripy gro by Bob and Blossom

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