Wednesday, 24 August 2016

If you go down to the woods...

I am very lucky to have some very kind hearted and talented friends, one of whom gave up some time during the summer holidays to provide some Forest School fun for Honey and some of her friends. Anyone who knows Honey, knows that she loves to pick up sticks, stones, leaves and just about anything else that's a bit grubby so she was in her element here!

By far her favourite activity though, was the rope swing! She loved taking turns with the other children to push and be pushed and mentioned several times on the way home that she'd like a swing like that in her garden!

From a professional point of view, it was great to see how many learning opportunities can be gleaned from the most simple of outdoor spaces and from a parental point of view, it was amazing to watch Honey co operate with and communicate with the other children. 

Honey wears... Cardigan by F&F

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