Thursday, 25 August 2016

I've got the Quay...

On a recent trip to Gloucester Quays, it struck me how much Honey has grown up since Ace arrived. She is so independent at home and occupies herself happily while I feed, bathe and put Ace to bed, as well as numerous other times throughout the day. She also loves to help me prepare her meals and has her own cupboard which she chooses her cups, plates, bowls and even snacks from! 

While we were at the Quays, she fell in love with a little handbag in Next, it was only £1 so I told her she could have it if she went and bought it herself. She happily trotted off and conducted the whole transaction with me watching from the sidelines, the young man behind the counter was fantastic with her and she came away very proud of herself.

She also loved having her feet measured in Clarks, again the sales assistant there was brilliant and communicated directly with Honey, asking her name and age and giving her clear instructions. Unfortunately, we didn't find any shoes in store that day but Honey loved looking for 'number 8 shoes' wherever we went after that!

As shopping experiences go, Gloucester Quays was pretty toddler friendly. Honey enjoyed having her photo taken on the Rugby scrum sculpture, doing a spot of drawing at White Stuff and snacking on toasted tea cakes at Costa. Gloucester Docks are just outside, so next time we head that way, we will make sure we have time to have a look at the boats as well.

Honey wears... Denim shorts by Next

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