Sunday, 7 August 2016

Getting rid of the evidence...

So it's going well with the cloth nappies, we tend to use all 5 nappies from the starter pack in one day, then wash them in with a normal load and hang them out to dry for some sunshine stain removal. I still don't know how i'll get them clean when the sun disappears but i'll cross that bridge when I get to it! 

I said I wasn't ready for reusable wipes, but when the opportunity to try Cheeky Wipes at a bargain price came up, I couldn't say no! You get two boxes, one for clean wipes and one for mucky wipes, a stack of wipes (like mini face cloths) and two bottles of essential oils. After clearing a space for the boxes and filling them up as instructed, I waited. About half an hour later, Ace cried because he had a wet nappy. I used a wipe from the clean box and put it in the dirty box and guess what? Nothing. Yup,  Ace was fine, I was fine and the world didn't end! Again and again I used them, for wiping Honey's mucky hands after lunch, cleaning the table after painting sessions and removing sick, dribble and other bodily fluids from the laminate floor and every time, nothing happened! 

It took me a while to use them for poo but after one of Ace's poonami's there were no disposable wipes left in the packet so I had no choice and yup, you guessed it... Nothing happened!

I'm not quite sure what I expected, but they're fine! You need to make sure you stick the mucky ones in the wash and refresh the water and essential oil every couple of days, otherwise it starts to smell a bit when you open the lid, but apart from that, they're easy to use and just as effective as disposable wipes.

Once again, we are taking a mix and match approach. The kit also included a set of special travel bags for clean and mucky wipes but they are currently sitting in the cupboard and probably won't make it into the changing bag, disposable wipes are just so convenient and well... disposable!

Ace wears... Easy fit nappy by Tots Bots

Pink Pear Bear


  1. We did consider cloth nappies with Edith but in the end I couldn't be bothered with it. Definitely going to give ago if we have another baby.


  2. I would have loved to have done cloth nappies! They are so cute in all the patterns you can get. Would definitely have been squeamish about using the wipes for poo too, but I think the reusable this is so much better for the environment. Thanks for linking with us. #bigpinklink


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