Saturday, 24 September 2016

Music to my ears...

There are certain classes that we loved so much when Honey was small, that we have either kept going to as she's got older or returned to now that we have Ace. Miniature Music is one of those classes.

As a music class, Matilda (for ages 0-4) is awesome! Zaphira uses real instruments which children of all ages are encouraged to pick up and experiment with and a mix of original songs and childhood favourites with a twist. As a parent and child group, it is amazing as the class is priced per family and not per child, it's also drop in so you don't pay if someone is poorly, you're away or just can't get out of the house in time one week! There is time set aside at the end of each class for free play with all the instruments and guess what, there's always tea and cake too!

As well as the ever popular Matilda classes, there are two new classes on offer, Owly and Croc (3 years and over). Ace volunteered to be a poster baby for Miniature Music's new Owly classes (for babies 0-6 months) and he had a great time being snapped alongside some gorgeous baby girls while enjoying songs, play and instruments.

If you haven't already tried Miniature Music, why not head over to their website or Facebook page for the latest class times, venues and prices.

Ace wears... Dungarees by Gap Kids

Photo credits to Zaphira Cormack

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