Saturday, 22 October 2016

Push it Real Good...

Yes it's a cheesy song from the 1980's but it's also a local Mum's meet up from 2016! Cheltenham Maman's website is going strong and she is also organising lots of wonderful events in our fabulous town. As well as all that, alongside The Bump to Baby Chapter, she is also helping to bring local Mums together by hosting regular 'Push it real good walks' around Pitville Park.

It's a very relaxed, totally free wander round the park with plenty of chatting. The walks end at one of the park's wonderful coffee shops where some people buy a coffee and stay for more chatting and others say goodbye, depending on what the rest of their day holds!

There are Mums with bumps, buggies, slings and toddlers so it really is for everyone. Everyone is really friendly so don't worry if you don't know anyone else who is going! If you haven't already been along, be sure to like Cheltenham Maman on Facebook so you'll be the first to find out future dates and to anyone going on Monday, we will see you there!

Honey wears... Denim jacket by Next
Ace wears... Striped top by Toby Tiger

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