Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The next step...

So, Honey has completed her first term at pre-school already! It started well, she raved about her first day and then things took an unexpected turn and we had tears at drop off and an anxious girl worrying before every session. The staff were fab and agreed with us how they would deal with her fretting during the day and at home, we decided to use a sticker chart to help her work towards having 'brave days'.

She really rose to the challenge and needless to say, she now thinks pre school is not so bad at all and gives us a blow by blow account of everything everyone did and said  during the day. We now also get snippets of stories and songs she's been learning, as well as reminders to use 'pinchy fingers' when writing and 'listening ears' although strangely, she doesn't always take her own advice on that one!

On Monday, we were invited to go and watch Honey's class re-tell a story they'd been learning (see below for a preview) and it was so lovely to see her joining in with all the activities and routines. When we left at the end of her last day of term, it was a mark of how far she's come that there were no tears of relief that we'd arrived, only beaming smiles and (very loud) goodbyes to all the staff! She's already talking about her Autumn half term challenge and while she's looking forward to the extra 'home days', I'm hopeful that she will hit the ground running when she goes back.

Honey wears... Pinafore dress by Jojo Maman Bebe

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