Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Bottle it up...

A few months ago, we told you about Miniature Music and today, it's the turn of the other class that has us going back time and time again!  We've blogged about Tatty Bumpkin on numerous occasions, it's a children's yoga class based around stories (adventures) which takes a multi sensory approach.

Ace has now graduated from Baby Bumpkin and we are currently attending Baby Bumpkin Explorers which is a lovely class that caters for babies on the move! Once a month, we attend family Tatty Bumpkin, which is for big kids, their grown ups and their younger siblings.

I digress, as today it was all about creating! I booked Honey in to the Christmas sensory bottle workshop, where she took her job very seriously and worked tirelessly to create 3 new toys for her little brother. The bottles are designed to stimulate little ones senses as they lift, shake and turn them. Honey used plenty of glitter and sparkle (as she knows that Ace is secretly a magpie), as well as some noisy rice and some bouncing water beads. The bottles are different sizes and weights to add to the fun and learning. Andrea provided all the resources we needed and was also available to help and guide the creative process. We also left her with rather a lot of tidying up and glitter removal to deal with but I don't think she minded, as everyone was having so much fun! 

Ace was really chuffed with his presents and seemed to favour the noisy rice bottle on first play. Unfortunately for him, Honey has now confiscated them as she wants to wrap them up and put them under the tree!

Honey wears... Polo neck top by Mini Club @ Boots
Ace wears... Leggings by Blade and Rose

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