Saturday, 18 March 2017

Baby Prints...

When Honey was tiny, we were kindly given some handprint kits to do at home. Unfortunately I was a bit scared to press down on her teeny, tiny, wriggly little hands and feet so the results were cute but nothing to write home about! I found Babyprints on Instagram in late 2016 and was amazed to see the level of detail achieved in their prints, so I was super excited when Honey and Ace were invited along!

We were warmly welcomed into the Babyprints office where Victoria explained that the process would be quick and painless for the children and showed Honey the special clay she would use. Both children were happy to let Victoria press down on their hands gently, yet with purpose and that was their part done! Easy! 

But here's where the work starts. After a few days drying, Victoria can begin casting, cleaning and picking out the details of your little one's hand or foot.  Then comes mounting, framing and annotating your prints and finally, securely packing them ready for you to collect! I was updated regularly throughout the creation process (which is estimated at 2-3 weeks) around and offered a sneaky peek of the finished article. 

The results are amazing! Each print is a truly individual work of art and an amazing reminder of a precious time in your little one's life. Here are our prints in their new home! Honey loves showing people 'what she made' and has tried to claim them for her bedroom but we're waiting until it's had a revamp so we can show them off properly. You can find The Babyprints Cheltenham contact information on their Facebook page or website along with plenty more examples of Vic's beautiful work.

*Although we were kindly gifted our Babyprints experience, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

Honey wears... Pink tunic by Gap Kids
Ace wears... Dinosaur bib by Funky Giraffe
Photo credits to Oobaloos Photography and Babyprints Cheltenham

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