Sunday, 5 March 2017

Get the Party Started...

Planning a kids party? Imagine not having to trail round Poundland and wait for eBay deliveries which may or may not arrive in time (250 pink striped wedding sweet bags, i'm talking about you). If you're nodding now, why not take a look at Amberoos Party Supplies? Based in Northampton but able to courier to any mainland UK address, they offer a wide range of children's hampers, giftsparty decorations, tableware and pre filled party bags. Prices range from just £1 per small bag up to £15 for a children's wedding activity pack (amazing idea, my daughter was given one at her Aunt and Uncle's wedding and felt very special as well as being kept occupied for ages). 

I was particularly interested in the party bags and boxes, I always seem to end up with a drawer full of leftover bubbles and bouncy balls and I really don't cope well with clutter! The bags and boxes come in a wide range of colours and contain a variety of party favours which can be tailored to your theme and age group. 

Every single thing that came out of the bags made Honey say "wow", "awesome" or (randomly) "this is even better than a bonfire"... Glitter tattoos, stickers and punch balloons went down particularly well and she was so excited when she realised that one of the boxes had "everything I need to be a pirate!" Ace loved the noisy toys and wandered round proudly clutching them for ages.

I was impressed to find some party favours that the recipients will be able to use again and again, things like character pencils, erasers, a cute, travel sized colouring book containing its own wax crayons and tiny musical instruments. Both the bags and boxes are spacious enough for you to add the all important slice of cake and are sturdy enough to be reused e.g. for storing puzzles until they're ready for recycling (mini environmental five)!

So whether it's your first, eighth or twentieth kids party, why not give yourself (at least) one less thing to think about and let Amberoo's do it for you! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.

*Although we were given a range of party bag samples, into order to be able to write a review, all opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

Honey wears... Ballerina pyjamas by Gap Kids
Ace wears... Lumberjack shirt vest by Gap Kids

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