Monday, 6 November 2017

Box of delights...

I love a hamper. A selection of hand picked items, put together with a given occasion in mind. New baby? Hamper. Birthday? Hamper. Christmas? You get the idea! A hamper feels luxurious, it's ten gifts given as one and it's the excitement of wondering what else is inside.

We were sent the Fabulous Christmas hamper from the luxury range by Prestige Hampers and if you saw our Instagram story, you'll know that the levels of excitement on opening this were high! Honey and Ace absolutely loved delving into the basket, discovering what was inside and providing ideas with regards to who might enjoy the different items (wine = Mummy, yessss).

Obviously, the proof of the hamper is in the tasting. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the wine, I am super fussy when it comes to Rose and while a white zinfandel is my favourite, it has to have just the right level of sweetness, which I'm pleased to say 
this bottle did! Honey and Ace were more than happy to help me sample the jam and devoured it on toast while I thoroughly enjoyed the marmalade on mine. Honey is still at the age where she's happy to have a satsuma after tea, so she was over the moon when I brought out the box of chocolate thins to have as a shared pudding. We ate them all in double quick time and that's as good a review as you can get!

Browsing the Prestige website, you can buy hampers ranging from just £10 up to a super generous, entire Christmas in a hamper for £750! There are sweet hampers (I love sweets, just saying Santa), wine hampers, cheese hampers and even hampers for pets. Something for everyone, I'll think you agree!

It was lovely to have such delicious treats to share and to try things I may not ordinarily have purchased but one thing I wasn't willing to share was the chocolate. Belgian Fancy Truffles to be exact! Well, a Mum has to have something of her own sometimes, doesn't she!

*Although we were kindly sent a hamper to review, all thoughts and opinions in this blog are my own.

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