Monday, 5 March 2018

One Grove...

This post is a little different to my normal posts as there are no kids in sight! Sometimes it's nice to take a little bit of time out to do something for yourself. Whether that time is taken daily, weekly or monthly and for how long, is up to you, but here's something I've done for myself recently.

I've always wanted to try pilates, so when Lucy from One Grove got in touch to invite me 
to see their studios and have a go on one of their reformers, I was really excited. I haven't exactly been a regular at the gym over the last few years, I've chosen to spend my time and money on a couple of other things, but I've always enjoyed exercise and been pretty flexible, so I had high hopes for my session! 

One Grove is a specialist pilates, physio and yoga studio close to the centre of Cheltenham. The studio is tucked away down a quiet side street, close to Waitrose (which has a huge, customer car park, just saying) and it's an oasis of calm, a really beautiful place to go to stretch your stresses away. 

With no monthly commitments, you can just call, go online or pop in to book onto any of their 25+ classes each week, a refreshing change from having to pay by the month, even when you can't make half the classes!

On arrival, I was given a tour of the facilities and a brief rundown about the history and principles of pilates and after filling in a short health form, we got started. Lucy moved me through a diagnostic warm up, during which, she was able to spot my weaker areas and encourage me to focus on these throughout the workout.

Once on the reformer, Lucy clearly demonstrated and explained what she wanted me to do and coached me through the movements, reminding me to focus on specific areas and also to breathe (which sounds odd, but I was concentrating so hard at points that I had in fact forgotten)! After less than half the session, I felt like Lucy knew my body and its capabilities better than I did and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was able to do. I totally switched off from everything else during my session, which is very rare for me as I always have a whole raft of brain tabs open, but I can honestly say that they were all well and truly closed while I was moving through the stretches and exercises Lucy set for me.

If you've ever considered pilates, I urge you to take the leap and give it a try. At One Grove, you will receive a personalised workout, which is tailored to your body. You will never be crammed into a huge impersonal class, so you know your body will always be getting what it deserves and needs from your class or private session. You can plan your workouts based on your free time and budget and the knowledgeable staff are so friendly and welcoming, you will feel right at home from your very first visit.

*Although I was kindly gifted a 1:1 session with Lucy for the purposes of writing a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I've done Pilates before. It's very challenging but can be very rewarding afterwards, as with all workouts in my opinion but I love that this place sounds like it has a very zen-like vibe to it. That alone would entice me to go if I lived in the area:) #BigPinkLink

  2. This sounds amazing! I did pilates for quite a long time and it really helped my neck and shoulders. Thanks for linking up with us for the #bigpinklink this week.


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