Saturday, 2 June 2018

Keeping it Cosy...

Without a doubt, my favourite room in the house is Honey and Ace's bedroom. We went 
with yellow and white colour scheme, which is light, bright and makes their small space 
feel just a little bit bigger. We planned the layout of the room around their bespoke bunk 
bed, which naturally created the perfect little nook under their window. We filled it with 
bookshelves and a large beanbag and we all love it in there! If you like the sound of 
creating a nook for your child, why not have a read of this fab guest post by Leanne

Leanne has recently become a freelance writer after discovering a passion for
it last year. Her favourite topic to write about is home and lifestyle and in her spare time, 
she loves reading blogs and magazines, as well as researching for and writing new 
content. When she's not busy writing, she enjoys baking, interior design and travelling.
5 Ideas for a Cosy Corner in your Child's Room
- A guest post by Leanne Thompson -
There is perhaps no more revered place for a child in their early years than their bedroom. It's an area where they will be spending the majority of their time and therefore a safe, warm and cosy space is of paramount importance. A perfect area to establish in a child’s room is a cosy corner. Not only can this prevent children from getting up to mischief in undisclosed locations, it can also help more reserved children find a quiet place to truly relax. The beauty of decorating a child’s bedroom is that imaginations can run wild. However, if you are looking for some tips, here are 5 ideas, which should enable you to create a truly cosy corner for your little one.
1. The Den
For some children, the holy grail of play areas is the den. Whether made from cardboard boxes, cushions or something more substantial, a place to explore, hide and play in can be heavenly for a child. Ideally, the den will be sturdy enough to take some hits from the inevitable escapades but conversely not be hard enough to pose a risk to your child’s wellbeing. Dedicate a corner of a room to a den and slowly start to build something that your child will feel safe in.  Unlike other cosy corner alternatives, a den will tend to have a roof, meaning that your child feels totally secure and calm in their own little space.
2. The Tent
Perhaps the simplest and yet most effective cosy corner idea would be to create a tent or tepee. Inexpensive to construct, sturdy, safe and extremely cosy, a linen tent offers children a small area that bursts with light in the day and retains a warmth during the evening. Much like a den, a tent cosy corner has a roof, adding to the effect. This can also be used to great effect with the addition of hanging decorations (in your little girl’s room fairy lights or stars would work perfectly) which will soon see your child fall in love with their new space. You may even find yourself retreating to their tent occasionally for a little R and R! 
3.The Desk
If your child is enjoying reading, drawing and writing or has a creative mind, a cosy corner with a desk is a perfectly suitable way of meeting their needs and transforming their space. Bundle plenty of blankets and cushions in the corner and perhaps consider a low desk, which your child can use even when sitting on the floor. You can even use the wall space in the corner area to put up some shelves to store stationary and the like. Pretty soon, your child’s cosy corner will become a creative corner too!
4. The Bed
If comfort is number one on your child’s list of demands for their cosy corner, then a makeshift bed is the way to go, especially if you have the budget and space to indulge. The key here is to make sure the cosy corner bed has a different feel to the bed that they sleep in. This is a space for relaxing and not necessarily sleeping only. It gives you a chance to offer your child all of the things that they may want with them in bed but shouldn’t really have. Fill the area with comfortable pillows, blankets and stuffed animals. Have plenty of books in reaching distance so that your child can curl up and lose themselves amongst the pages in comfort. Much like a tent, utilise fairy lights in the design and, if feasible, drape some blankets over the top to create a truly safe, cosy space. Just make sure that your child doesn’t get into the habit of crawling into the cosy corner during the night!
5. The Play Zone
While cosy corners should ideally be a place for your child to find some solace, it doesn’t mean that it should not also be an area for plenty of fun. Creating a cosy corner that acts as a play zone can be difficult in that you may require floor space that would usually be occupied by blankets or pillows. However, there are plenty of ways around this. Create ‘seating’ areas next to the two walls in the corner and utilise the space in front of this as an area of play. There are a myriad of play mats available, some of which are designed for specific interests (e.g. Road or town themed mats). Use these mats as part of the cosy corner – not only will your child have an area for quiet play, it will also prevent inevitable clutter from building up around the room as it contains the play to a specific area.

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